About us


Safety & Defense (ISSN 2450-551X) is a scientific and technical journal edited by Faculty of National Security and Logistics at the Polish Air Force University in Dęblin, Poland, and initiated and published by the Center of Construction Assessment Ltd.


The journal is multi- and interdisciplinary what stems from the complexity of the notion of safety, which is not limited to the problems of Safety and Security Studies but is necessarily linked to other dimensions of safety, i.e., economic, social, military, public, ecological, information, etc.


Hence, the scope of Safety & Defense is very broad and encompasses issues from all academic disciplines related to safety, security, and defense:

  • Biological Sciences (i.a., biochemistry, biophysics, biotechnology, ecology, microbiology),
  • Chemical Sciences (i.a., chemistry, environment protection, chemical technology),
  • Economic Sciences (i.a., economics, management studies),
  • Humanities (i.a., philosophy, history, ethics),
  • Physical Sciences (i.a., biophysics, physics, geophysics),
  • Social Sciences (i.a., safety and security studies, sociology, political sciences)
  • Technical Sciences (i.a., architecture and urban planning, construction, energy production, information and communication technology, transport).


Since 2018 Safety & Defense has biannually published peer-reviewed research and review articles under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.


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The Editorial Board:

Editor-in-Chef – Dr hab. Adam RADOMYSKI, Prof. PAFA

Deputy Editor-in-Chef – dr Paweł BERNAT

Deputy Editor-in-Chef for International Cooperation – dr Daniel MICHALSKI

Secretary – mgr Krzysztof GONIEWICZ

Language Editor – Joel HENDERSON, M.A.