The airport as object prone for threats


the airport
act of unlawful interference

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Marek , K. (2017). The airport as object prone for threats. Safety & Defense, 3(1), 14-18.


There were many attacks on civil aviation facilities which occurred since the 1930s but the first recorded attaca against the airport security occurred in 1970. Due to the extensive infrastructure,airports are susceptible to the occurrence of hazards especially acts of unlawful interference. Therefore, there is adopted following purpose of this article: characteristics of airports in terms of possible threats. To accomplish this, there are characterized most important elements of airport infrastructure in the first part and then author presented selected acts of unlawful interference committed at airports in the second part. In addition, the last section of the article contains most important results of the researchconnected to this topic which refer to safety at airports in Poland from passengers point of view.


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