The Role of Artillery in Joint Fire Support


Joint Fire Support
Joint Fires

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Golonka, A. (2021). The Role of Artillery in Joint Fire Support . Safety & Defense, 7(3), 10-21.


This article discusses the role of artillery in fire systems as a part of Joint Fire Support (JFS). The purpose of this article is to outline the functions, place and role of artillery as a component of JFS during operation and indicate important elements of JFS planning in the context of artillery. The article is mainly based on an analysis of the artillery of NATO and the USA. The author used theoretical research methods such as analysis and synthesis of information comprised in literature and source materials and the inference method to develop this article. The article described the main tasks and function of artillery in FS, the role and place of JFS in operation and selected elements of JFS planning. Artillery will executed fire support to create conditions that provide the supported commander freedom of action. Planning, coordinating and employment of all allocated JFS assets are essential parts of JFS. This is crucial to execute deconflict and avoid fratricide.


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