Methodology for the Performance Evaluation of Airspace Use by Military Aviation


Aviation safety
civil-military dimension
mission effectiveness
performance indicators
performance targets

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Markiewicz, T. (2022). Methodology for the Performance Evaluation of Airspace Use by Military Aviation. Safety & Defense, 8(2), 9-17.


This paper aims to present the evolution of methods for measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of flexible use of airspace by military aviation in terms of the air navigation services performance scheme in European Union countries. Airspace management, which is a part of air traffic management, takes into account the operational needs of civil and military aviation without favouring either of them. However, some military aviation operations cannot be safely interconnected with civil aviation operations as they differ in nature and purpose. There is, therefore, a requirement to set aside airspace for exclusive military use to accommodate such operations. Military aviation must also use airspace in the most efficient and effective manner when conducting its operations. The existing situation provides a rationale for improving the methodology for assessing the efficiency of airspace use by military aviation, regardless of the requirements of the performance scheme for air navigation services intended for civil aviation. This article reviews the development of performance assessment methodologies in the field in question. The findings show considerable variation in the methods used, suggesting the need to establish standard procedures for collecting and processing performance data related to airspace used by military aviation.


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