An Analysis of Rope Tension Forces While Towing a Sailplane


Aviation Safety

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Wojnar, T., & Stołtny, B. (2022). An Analysis of Rope Tension Forces While Towing a Sailplane. Safety & Defense, 8(2), 27-35.


This article presents a model of a rope, which is an example of a rope used when a glider takes off by means of towing with the use of an aerial winch, winding the rope attached to the glider. The finite element method used in MESH software was used for the model. This method allows us to take into account not only bending flexibility but also longitudinal flexibility. Such an approach to the subject of simulation allows for obtaining results relatively quickly while maintaining an appropriate level of accuracy. This allows for further exploration of the phenomena occurring in the glider towing process. The construction of a fast algorithm enables its implementation in the glider towing process control systems. The aim of this article is to present numerical analyzes of commonly used tow ropes. This paper presents the results of the analysis of the synthetic rope commonly used in gliding, comparing the obtained results with the classic steel rope.


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