System Approach to Coherent Cybersecurity Strategy


cyber defense,
system approach,
cyber defense strategies
cybersecurity strategies

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MICHALSKI, D. (2019). System Approach to Coherent Cybersecurity Strategy. Safety & Defense, 5(1), 31-36.


Cyber-attacks affect not only our daily lives, but also national security by influencing elections, the economy, and communication. This article is an attempt to give an answer to the question included in the topic “How to build a coherent cybersecurity strategy?”. The first part of the article addresses the paradigmatic issue of cybersecurity. The author shows the differences and relations between cybersecurity and cyber defense. At this point, the author presents a systems approach to the nation security and related it to the cybersecurity. The second part of the article has been dedicated to visualize the need of coherent cybersecurity strategy by analyzing data related to cybersecurity. In the end, the author proposes actions to achieve cybersecurity. This has been done based on existing analyzes of cybersecurity strategies and systems approach to the issue of the cybersecurity.


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