Nuclear weapons in an international security environment


nuclear weapons
legal restrictions of nuclear weapon use
modernization of the nuclear arsena

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ZAŁĘSKI, K. (2019). Nuclear weapons in an international security environment. Safety & Defense, 5(2), 8-16.


Nuclear weapons are a historically acknowledged factor of security development and maintenance of the strategical balance. Therefore, in spite of programs preventing its proliferation, most states having such weapons modernize and develop their nuclear arsenals, perceiving it as a sign of power and a guarantee of security. The methodology employed in this article critical analysis and synthesis of reliable sources from the scope of the area of research. The nature of the article is explanatory with elements of inference. This paper presents an evaluation of circumstances inducing a state to possess nuclear weapons, in consideration of both the positive and negative consequences of their possession. In the author’s view, studying this article should at least evoke a reflection on the development of nuclear weapons as a means of forming modern relations of security.


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