Linear electromagnetic accelerator


electromagnetic energy
launch system

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GHERMAN, L., & GHICIUC, R. (2019). Linear electromagnetic accelerator. Safety & Defense, 5(2), 17-21.


Over time, the weapons have been based on mechanical energy (bows, catapults) and chemical energy (guns, missiles), however, at the moment, more and more weapons are designed using electromagnetic energy (railgun, coilgun). The focus of this paper is to obtain the desired muzzle velocities of a projectile according to the existent current. In the first part of the paper, the railgun and coilgun design are presented along with their most important advantages. Based on these observations, a new design of an electromagnetic launch system is presented. Next, Maxwell interactive software package was used that applies the finite element method (FEM) to analyze and solve 3D electromagnetic field problems in order to analyze the variation of acceleration force, speed in time. All simulation data shows that this design has a great potential, because of the adaptability to different applications.


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