About the Journal

Aims and Scope

Safety & Defense is an open access double-blind peer-reviewed academic journal that is published online biannually. Dedicated to deepening knowledge and understanding about the growing complexieties of numerous dimensions of safety and defense in the modern world, the journal offers an international forum where researchers and practitioners can advance quality research.

We publish original research articles, review papers, and case studies. For the journal is multi- and interdisciplinary in scope, it is not limited to the military problems related to safety and security but welcomes papers addressing their various dimensions, i.e., economic, social, public, ecological, information, ethical, etc.

The scope of the journal is broad and includes issues from all disciplines related to safety, security, and defense. We are interested, in particular, in academic research focusing on:

  • National and international security
  • Military and non-military aspects of security
  • Modern technologies in security systems
  • Geopolitics and geostrategy
  • Security geography.


The Editorial Board of the journal comprises of the staff of the Aviation Safety Department of the Military University of Aviation in Dęblin, Poland.

"Science for Knowledge, Knowledge for Safety & Defense" is our motto.


Indexed in: BazTech, IndexCopernicus, CEJSH

Indicators: MNISW – 20 p.