A New Dimension of the Polish Artillery Capabilities Upgrade Determinants


artillery modernization
artillery system
combat capabilities of artillery
fire support
military security

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Malinowski, P. (2023). A New Dimension of the Polish Artillery Capabilities Upgrade Determinants. Safety & Defense, 8(2), 107-115. https://doi.org/10.37105/sd.192


Artillery and its firepower are still an important element in land tactical activities, which is once again being proven by the current conflict in Eastern Europe. However, two distinct approaches to using its fire capabilities are discernible. One approach views artillery as a precise means of destruction, similar to a sniper with significant firepower and range. The other approach considers artillery fire a weapon of destruction similar to a hammer or a road roller, destroying everything in its path without any selectivity of fire. In the face of such perspectives, the considerations set forth in the following article focus on the former of the presented approaches to using artillery and the determinants that will ensure the implementation of such an approach in the form of the new capabilities of modernized Polish artillery. The presented content results from comparative analyses and observations focused on the needs and effects of artillery use, and factors that are important in its effective operation on the modern battlefield.



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