Hypersonic Weapon as a New Challenge for the Anti-aircraft Defense Command and Control System


Military security
Hypersonic weapons
Anti-aircraft defense
C2 system

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Malinowski, P. (2020). Hypersonic Weapon as a New Challenge for the Anti-aircraft Defense Command and Control System. Safety & Defense, 6(2), 89-99. https://doi.org/10.37105/sd.87


The intensification of the air threat resulting from the emergence of hypersonic weapons in the immediate vicinity of Poland has become a significant challenge for the Polish armed forces, including anti-aircraft defense. The capabilities of the new type of weapon determine not only the need to modernize and acquire systems designed to engage aerial targets, but also the command and control systems that control them. Due to the nature and the limited scope of the article, the deliberations presented in it are generalized results of a research on the scale of the threat posed by hypersonic weapons in the airspace and the need to modernize anti-aircraft defense command and control subsystems, which may be involved in combating them as part of the national air defense system. The presented conclusions also concern the problems of multiplying the current level of automation of the command and control  subsystem. This is related to the need for the effectiveness of the military decision-making process as well as uninterrupted and efficient cooperation with the national and allied elements of the air reconnaissance and air defense assets subsystems, including the components of missile defense, which is predestined to engage hypersonic weapons.   



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