Space as a New Category of Threats to National Security


space law
state security

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BIELAWSKI, R. (2019). Space as a New Category of Threats to National Security. Safety & Defense, 5(2), 1-7.


The scientific considerations presented in this paper concern threats to national security arising from the activity in outer space. The objective of this analysis is to identify these dangers and to propose solutions to minimize them. The theoretical research methods employed in this study are: synthesis, analysis, abstracting and generalization. In the course of the analysis, several modern threats were established, including anti-satellite and hypersonic weapons. Another important sphere discussed in the paper is the cyber security of satellite/communication devices and systems operating in space. With respect to satellite systems, the EA-18G Growler electronic warfare aircraft was presented as one of the concepts developed with the capability of disrupting their operation. The results from the conducted study emphasize the need to create a Space Domain Awareness (SDA) system, which is substantiated by the indication of natural threats that must be
minimized, namely space debris, space weather and the possibility of collision with Near-Earth Objects. The presented considerations are concluded by the analysis of the legislative state regarding space security, which in reality accentuate the incompatibility of the existing laws with the emerging threats, and other issues concerning space law.


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